05 July, 2018 6:37 AM

Five things you can do for East Jerusalem

Educate yourself. Jerusalem is a deeply divided city with two distinct realities operating side by side. Few media sources are invested in telling the story of how Palestinians in East Jerusalem are being deprived of their rights and pushed out of the city. Accurate information is powerful! Follow @otherjerusalem for news, features, and updates. If you are new to the topic, get a jump on your journey with these Frequently Asked Questions.

Start talking. Conversation is free. Help someone else find their first paradigm-shifting question or arrive at a keener understanding of East Jerusalem. Share stories you have read about Palestinian child detainees, or pictures of what it’s like to live in East Jerusalem in person or online. Not sure how to start? Here are some ideas:

“Did you know that Jerusalem is not inside Israel’s territory, under international law?”

“Do you know that most Palestinians from in East Jerusalem don’t have a permanent right to live there, under Israeli laws?”

Create a community. Reach out to your family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues for a time of sharing and community around the topic of Palestinian rights in Jerusalem. Many public libraries and community centers have free spaces available for community members to gather. Center the event on a discussion, film screening, guest speaker, or Palestinian cuisine. Or, make it as a simple as a potluck in your backyard with meaningful conversations and good company.

Put your resources to work. Mobilize your community to show up for events in your city that spread important information and put ideas into action. Set up solidarity marches, workshops or informational booths at farmers markets. Create a resource inventory of your community’s assets. Use whatever tools and talents you have to amplify information about Palestinian rights in Jerusalem.

Sign the petition. Your voice matters. Tell the European Union, United Nations Secretariat, and members of the UN Security Council to take urgent action that ends and holds Israeli authorities accountable for systemic and deliberate discrimination toward Palestinians in Jerusalem. Sign our petition and share.

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